An Editorial and Technical Journey into Post-Publication Peer Review (PPPR)

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  • Laurent Romary (2020). An Editorial and Technical Journey into Post-Publication Peer Review (PPPR). DARIAH-Campus. [Video].

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As part of the DARIAH In-House Webinar sessions, the ‘Friday Frontiers’ programme included a presentation on Post-Publication Peer Review (PPPR) from former President of the DARIAH Board of Directors, Laurent Romary.

Laurent, who is based at INRIA in France, gave a 45-minute presentation that outlined the steps that have brought scholars to look to PPPR, the benefits and risks associated with it, and how digital humanities scholars can engage with the development of PPPR to ensure sustainable, trusted and open science.

Learning outcomes

Viewers of this screencast will learn:

  • how post-publication peer review differs from the more traditional scholarly publication practices;
  • the benefits and potential risks involved with post-publication peer review, and how to overcome them;
  • where they can find out more about PPPR and how to get started with it.


All the scholarly works mentioned in the above screencast can be found in this Zotero bibliography.

Friday Frontiers

The DARIAH In-House Webinar series ‘Friday Frontiers’ was launched in October 2020 in order to provide an opportunity for the DARIAH community to improve their skills and learn about new and developing techniques and issues within the digital arts and humanities landscape.