Cowboys and Consortia: Thoughts on DH Infrastructure

In this lecture, Quinn Dombrowski shares her thoughts on Digital Humanities Infrastructure, with a special focus on sustainability. She argues that solidarity (i.e. recognition of the interests of the larger group) is a prerequisite for the sustainability of DH infrastructures. Her keynote was the opening lecture at the first DARIAH beyond Europe event, organised in September 2018 at Stanford University.

This workshop was part of a series of three-day workshops organised in the context of the DARIAH-DESIR project in 2018 and 2019, in the US and Australia, allowing an exchange of ideas between the DARIAH community and Digital Arts & Humanities projects in this international context. The first workshop was held at Stanford University on the topic of “Sustainable Infrastructures for Digital Arts & Humanities: An International DARIAH Exchange”, on September 13-15 2018.