DARIAH-DE Publikator Tutorial

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  • DARIAH-DE (2019). DARIAH-DE Publikator Tutorial. DARIAH-DE. [Training module]. https://repository.de.dariah.eu/doc/services/submodules/publikator/docs/index.html

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This tutorial explains the fundamentals of the DARIAH-DE Publikator, a tool which allows you to prepare, manage, and finally import your collections into the DARIAH-DE Repository using your favourite internet browser. The Repository provides the ability to store research data and enrich them with metadata. Through the use of persistent identifiers, a permanent machine-readable reference is ensured and findable via a generic search.

Likewise, the repository makes it possible to store data collections sustainably and securely. With the help of the DARIAH-DE Publikator, research data can easily be imported into the DARIAH-DE Repository via a graphical user interface and tagged with metadata. These research data can be described as a collection in the DARIAH-DE Collection Registry and are then identified in the DARIAH-DE Generic Search.

The tutorial is conveniently divided into several sections. The user guides give step-by-step instructions on how to use the DARIAH-DE Publikator. This is presented in three parts: Collections, Log in with a DARIAH-DE Account or with a Federation Account, and Publishing with the DARIAH-DE Publikator. The technical documentation explains in detail how the DARIAH-DE Publikator works by presenting its service APIs.

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