David Boder: From Wire Recordings to Website

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  • Stefania Scagliola and Cristina Garcia Martin (2018). David Boder: From Wire Recordings to Website. Version 1.0.0. Edited by Stefania Scagliola, Gerben Zaagsma and Sarah Cooper. ranke2lu. [Training module]. https://ranke2.uni.lu/u/boder/

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As historians, we are confronted with an abundance of data in digital form that can be searched, annotated, analysed, presented and reused with the help of a broad array of digital tools.

But what do we know about how digital technology affects the artefactual and informational value of a source?

history of technology from wire recording

When looking through the lens of source criticism to digitized and digital born sources, there are so many mediating processes going on before a source can appear on our screen that historians run the risk of getting detached from the original context of the source.

The basis of this lesson David Boder: From Wire Recordings to Website are the recordings that David Boder made in 1946 in order to preserve the history of the Holocaust. These recordings of interviews conducted with a wire recorder were made newly available when the interviews were digitised and published online in 2009.

This lesson includes animations, a quiz and assignments to test your understanding of the content.

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