Digitising Dictionaries

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  • Toma Tasovac (2016). Digitising Dictionaries. DARIAH Teach. [Training module]. https://teach.dariah.eu/course/view.php?id=20

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This course is an introduction to the theories, practices, and methods of digitizing legacy dictionaries for research, preservation and online distribution.

It focuses on a particular technique of modeling and describing lexical data using eXtensible Markup Language (XML) in accordance with the Guidelines of the Text Encoding Initiative, a de-facto standard for text encoding among humanities researchers.

While there are other ways to conceptualize, store, preserve, and disseminate lexical data (such as using relational structures and relational databases), this course will not cover those methods. Rather, in this course you will get a fundamental understanding of how to analyze, identify and describe dictionary data in order to query it or share it with others.

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