e-Humanities and e-Heritage Research Infrastructures: Beyond Tools

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  • Ulrike Wuttke, Stefan Schmunk and Steven Krauer (2018). e-Humanities and e-Heritage Research Infrastructures: Beyond Tools. PARTHENOS Training Suite. [Training module]. https://training.parthenos-project.eu/sample-page/ehumanities-eheritage-webinar-series/webinar-beyond-tools/

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This is a record of a webinar providing a theoretical basis for a general understanding of the digital and infrastructural turn in the (Digital) Humanities and Cultural Heritage along with theoretical and critical reflections around the topic: Which opportunities and challenges do Cultural Heritage and Digital Humanities Research Infrastructures offer for research(ers)?

The webinar further explains how different stakeholders can engage with Research Infrastructures (community engagement and user engagement). Examples are research communities and networks, transnational digital collections, thematic working groups, overarching organisations (ERIC platforms, the Research Data Alliance), conferences and workshops, Transnational Access, Research Infrastructures in Academic Curricula. As a general introductory webinar it also touches on some aspects of the other webinars in the PARTHENOS Webinar Series including a short introduction of the research lifecycle. This webinar features “teasers” from several Research Infrastructures, such as short introduction videos or webcontent).

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