Flipped Classrooms

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  • Jonny Johnston and Kevin O'Connor (2021). Flipped Classrooms. DARIAH-Campus. [Video]. https://campus.dariah.eu/flipped-classrooms

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As part of the DARIAH-EU In House Webinar series, ‘Friday Frontiers’, Dr. Jonny Johnston and Kevin O’Connor from Trinity College Dublin (TCD) hosted a webinar focused on ‘Flipped Classroom’ methodologies in December 2020. Jonny (Academic Practice) and Kevin (IT Services) led a highly interactive session that discussed the theory and practice of the flipped classroom, demonstrating some of the techniques associated with it that can be used to digitally enhance teaching and learning.

Note: This video shows extracts from a live presentation that included a lot of interaction among the participants. It has been edited to remove gaps between and during in-webinar exercises and to remove any discussion that took part during the session to ensure participant confidentiality.

Learning outcomes

By watching this video you should learn:

  • What the Flipped Classroom approach entails
  • Techniques and methods that can be used in a (flipped) classroom setting

Friday Frontiers

The DARIAH In-House Webinar series ‘Friday Frontiers’ was launched in October 2020 in order to provide an opportunity for the DARIAH community to improve their skills and learn about new and developing techniques and issues within the digital arts and humanities landscape.