Intellectual Property Rights in Ethically Open Science

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  • DARIAH-Campus (2019). Intellectual Property Rights in Ethically Open Science. DARIAH-Campus. [Video].

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In this lecture, Teresa Scassa examines the complex role of intellectual property(IP) rights in the creation and advancement of academic knowledge. While IP rights can create barriers to access, reuse and transparency, she argues, they can also further creativity and innovation by providing revenue, and by protecting other values such as privacy/confidentiality, and integrity/authenticity. IP rights can also, in some circumstances, protect against the exploitation of individuals and communities. Framing IP rights in terms of a sometimes complex web of relationships, this presentation asks what role IP rights should play in ethically open science.

This presentation was made at the DARIAH Annual Event 2018, held in Paris on May 22-24, which had Open Science as its theme.