Introduction to Collaborations in Research Infrastructures

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  • Jennifer Edmond (2017). Introduction to Collaborations in Research Infrastructures. Edited by Vicky Garnett. PARTHENOS Training Suite. [Training module].

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Is humanities research collaborative? Some would say that with our traditions of independent research and single authorship, it is not. This is not really true for any humanist, however, as collaboration does occur within classrooms, on-line communities, and within disciplinary networks. For the digital humanities, this is even more the case, as the hybridity of our methods require us to work together. Very few digital humanists can master entirely on their own the domain, information and software challenges their approach presents, and so we tend to work together.

By the end of this module you should be able to: 1) Understand what is meant by collaboration in humanities research, 2) Be aware of how this model impacts upon the development of digital humanities, and digital humanities research infrastructures.

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