One phrase that appears again and again is: 'continuous training'

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  • Claire Clivaz (2019). One phrase that appears again and again is: 'continuous training'. DARIAH-Campus. [Video].

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Claire Clivaz explains how she has found that the tensions between disciplines in interdisciplinary work can be similar no matter what disciplines are being combined. Encounters between biology and computing can be as challenging as between humanities disciplines and computing. Who trains new students? How do we transfer techniques across these different ‘worlds’? She began her academic career in biblical manuscript studies but developed an interest in the digital humanities very quickly, at a time when the impact of computing was being felt in the humanities more widely. She explains the usefulness of the DH Course Registry in finding university-based, formal, DH training in Switzerland. However, she argues that informal opportunities to learn are crucial. One phrase that appears again and again in the digital humanities, she states, is: continuous training.

This is part of a series entitled ‘What is the Role of Training and Education in Research Infrastructures?‘. DARIAH Director Toma Tasovac spoke to fellow DARIAHns and colleagues from prospective DARIAH countries about their own educational backgrounds and the role of training and education in digital research infrastructures. The interviews show that there is no single educational trajectory which produces DH scholars. The diversity of our backgrounds is one of the main strengths of our field.