We Should Think More About Learning Environments

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  • Sinai Rusinek (2019). We Should Think More About Learning Environments. DARIAH-Campus. [Video]. https://campus.dariah.eu/resource/we-should-think-more-about-learning-environments

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In this video, Sinai Rusinek explains her background in philosophy, together with her experience of the material text from work in the library. In her postdoctoral career, she began to seek out digital techniques that had not been available to her in her single-disciplinary studies. Dr Rusinek reveals that her own source of learning was at international workshops, including one organised by DARIAH-DE. She found this mode of learning inspiring in organising her own workshops and hackathons in Israel. She recommends that we should all think more about learning environments and how we learn best, collaboratively. Possibly, she recommends, we should organise more ‘hackathon-like’ events.

This is part of a series entitled ‘What is the Role of Training and Education in Research Infrastructures?‘. DARIAH Director Toma Tasovac spoke to fellow DARIAHns and colleagues from prospective DARIAH countries about their own educational backgrounds and the role of training and education in digital research infrastructures. The interviews show that there is no single educational trajectory which produces DH scholars. The diversity of our backgrounds is one of the main strengths of our field.