What is DARIAH-Campus?

DARIAH-Campus is both a discovery framework and a hosting platform for DARIAH and DARIAH-affiliated offerings in training and education.

The goal of DARIAH-Campus is to widen access to open, inclusive, high-quality learning materials that aim to enhance creativity, skills, technology and knowledge in the digitally-enabled arts and humanities.

DARIAH-Campus started as a pilot project exploring different ways of capturing and consolidating DARIAH learning resources within the H2020-funded project DESIR (DARIAH-ERIC Sustainability Refined).

The beta version of DARIAH-Campus was released on November 6th, 2019 at the DESIR Event in Zagreb.

We’re still working on finalising the documentation and have a couple more features in the pipeline. If you have learning resources that you would like to share on or create for DARIAH-Campus, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss next steps.

Contact Us

We welcome proposals for new Learning Resources from individuals and groups based at institutions in our member and co-operating partner countries and beyond. In addition, we encourage contributions from scholars, cultural heritage professionals, and other research and/or teaching professionals without a formal affiliation. If you would like to contribute a Learning Resource to DARIAH-Campus, please contact us via the DARIAH Helpdesk with a brief description of your proposed resource.

All queries are welcomed, and can be sent to the DARIAH-Campus team via the DARIAH Helpdesk, Subject: ‘Education and training’.


The DARIAH-Campus editorial team would like to acknowledge the work of the Programming Historian team. We recognise the trailblazing work done by their volunteer-driven team in advancing Open Educational Resources, and their carefully-crafted Author Guidelines have served as inspiration for own guidelines.