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Cécile Chantraine Braillon

Cécile Chantraine Braillon is a Full Professor in Hispanic Studies at La Rochelle University since 2018. Her research focuses on Hispanic-American Theatre and Performing Arts. She's involved in the transdisciplinary field of Digital Humanities and currently leading research programs about the computing methods applied to research in Performing Arts. She's leading the research project ESNA (Ecole du Spectateur de Nouvelle Aquitaine - 2021-24) and is also co-responsible, with Laurence Delbarre-Willard, for the project VISUAL STAGING (2016-2022). She's also leading a work package in the Erasmus + DiMPAh project (Digital Methods Platform for Arts and Humanities / 2020-2023).


  • Introduction to the E-spectator Digital Tool for Analysis of Performing Arts

    The Performing Arts’ aesthetic and poetry can be sometimes destabilising at first glance and difficult to analyse because it is ephemeral by nature. The E-Spectator tool enables annotation of videos to better analyse and understand the performing arts. This course from dariahTeach introduces learners to the E-Spectator tool, with practical examples and quizzes to guide you along.
    • Elodie Chazalon
    • Cécile Chantraine Braillon
    • Fatiha Idmhand
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