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Koraljka Golub

Koraljka Golub ( is the head of the iSchool at Linnaeus University, iInstitute. She is also co-leading a Digital Humanities Initiative at Linnaeus University. Her core research is in the field of digital libraries and information retrieval, with a particular focus on topics related to knowledge organisation, integrating existing knowledge organisation systems with social tagging and/or automated subject indexing, and evaluating resulting end-user information retrieval. She has authored over 100 academic publications, including journal articles, conference papers, book chapters, and books. Lately, she has been involved in the Swedish Research Council's "HUMINFRA" infrastructure for humanities, a project aimed at Digital Humanities education, "Development of a new master programme in Digital Humanities at Linnaeus University" and a project on LGBTQ+ fiction searching, "Queerlit database". Lastly, she has been coordinating the Erasmus+ project "Digital Methods Platform for Arts and Humanities (DiMPAH)".


  • Introduction to Knowledge Organization Systems

    Knowledge Organization Systems provide the foundation for searching and retrieving information objects across digital collections and cultural heritage information systems. Starting from case studies this course provides an introduction to knowledge organization systems and their practical application in research contexts.