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Romain Herault

Romain C. Herault is a lecturer and doctoral candidate in Computer Science and Media Technology at Linnaeus University, Sweden. His research interests are Human-Computer Interactions with a focus on interactive video training for emergency medical services and hospital personnel as well as the use of interactive videos in education in the field of Digital Humanities.


  • Chroma Key Tutorial

    This tutorial provides a comprehensive guide on using chroma keying, or green screen effects, with the PowerDirector video editing app, showing users how to set up the app, import footage, apply the chroma key effect, and export the final video.
  • Photogrammetry Tutorial

    This tutorial introduces the concept of photogrammetry and its application using the Kiri Engine, a 3D scanner app, guiding users through the process of preparing an object for scanning, capturing photos, and using Kiri Engine to create a 3D model.