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Axel Jean Caurant

Axel Jean-Caurant is a research engineer at the L3i laboratory of the University of La Rochelle. He obtained his PhD in computer science in 2018. The focus of his thesis was on the accessibility of documents inside digital libraries. The large number of online available digital documents has changed how researchers think about information and research. The focus of his work was put on two distinct aspects. First is to understand how researchers use these online platforms and how to train them to understand the changes data has undergone during the digitisation processes. Second, is the study of the impact of the quality of documents on accessibility. Axel is now focusing his work on historical press. Axel is interested in all the potential processing steps, from layout analysis to named entity recognition, to better understand these documents.


  • Digital Historical Research on European Historical Newspaper with NewsEye Platform

    Since their beginnings in the 17th century, newspapers have recorded billions of events, stories and personal names in almost every language and every country daily. This course from DariahTeach provides an introduction to digitised historical newspaper analysis, incorporating methods of Natural Language Processing for discovering, exploiting and visualising newspapers.
    • Axel Jean Caurant
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