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Iztok Kosem


  • Automating the Process of Dictionary Creation

    Building upon the material covered in LEX2: Mastering ELEXIS Corpus Tools for Lexicographic Purposes and Lexonomy: Mastering the ELEXIS Dictionary Writing System, this course will focus specifically on the changes in dictionary production after 2000 and the increasing importance of automation and post-editing in lexicography.
    • Miloš Jakubiček
    • Vojtěch Kovář
    • Ondřej Matuška
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  • Mastering LEX1: The Dictionary Matrix

    This course will introduce the concept and the ELEXIS implementation of the dictionary matrix, a universal repository of linked senses, and other types of lexical information found in existing lexicographic resources.
    • Iztok Kosem
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  • Lexonomy: Mastering the ELEXIS Dictionary Writing System

    The course will explore how software tools for dictionary production (so-called dictionary writing systems, or DWS) can be used to streamline and facilitate the structural coherence and quality assurance in a dictionary project by focusing on Lexonomy, a dictionary-writing system developed as part of ELEXIS.
    • Tamás Váradi
    • Ondřej Matuška
    • Carole Tiberius
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  • Introduction to Corpus-Based Lexicographic Practice

    This course will explore the notion of lexicographic evidence and the limitation of subjective views on language by tracing the changes in lexicographic practice from the extensive use of manually selected citations to the employment of large language corpora.
  • Introduction to Dictionary Users

    The goal of this course is to introduce students to the important role played by dictionary usage research when developing and implementing new dictionaries.