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Rachel Pistol


  • Using Spatial Data in Tableau

    Tableau is a powerful digital tool for analysing data that can help with mapping and interrogating data. In this short guide we will focus on an aspect of data analysis using mapping that has particular application for Holocaust and refugee studies.
  • Entity Matching

    EHRI (European Holocaust Research Infrastructure) supports the use of digital tools that can assist in the research of Holocaust and refugee related topics. In a continued effort to make these tools as accessible as possible so that researchers who have no experience with digital tools will consider trying new ways of using their data, this GitHub-based lesson showcases the use of entity match tools when dealing with geographic data.
  • Importing tables from websites into spreadsheets

    Sometimes it can be useful to take information from a website, such as document lists from archives, for future reference. This short resource will show the user how to download an extension to copy tables from websites and then import the table into a spreadsheet program.