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Emilie Sitzia

Emilie Sitzia holds a special chair at the University of Amsterdam and is an associate professor Cultural Education in the department of Art and Literature at the University of Maastricht. Professor Sitzia specialises in the impact of art on audiences and word/image interdisciplinary studies. In 2020 she was a resident at the IMéRA research centre in Marseille to work with MuCEM on matters of identity, narrative and multimodal exhibition strategies. In 2019 she was a co-editor for the Stedelijk Studies issue 'Towards a Museum of Mutuality'.


  • Storytelling for Digital Narratives and Blended Spaces

    This interdisciplinary course addresses how principles of textual, visual, oral, and place-based storytelling challenge and enhance the conceptualisation, construction and experience of digitally-created worlds connecting to real-world places, locations, and landscapes.