Digital Humanities Research Questions and Methods

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  • Estelle Bunout, Sarah Cooper, Marten Düring, Darja Fišer, Heather Hodgson, Chris Jones, Sotiria Kogou, Jakob Lenardič, Haida Liang, Jennifer Middendorf, Christopher Pickup and Christopher Thomson (2019). Digital Humanities Research Questions and Methods. Edited by Marie Annisius, Nadja Baldszuhn, Vicky Garnett and Ulrike Wuttke. PARTHENOS Training Suite. [Training module].

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This module is dedicated to developing research questions in the Digital Humanities (DH), especially on finding, working with, and contributing data to digital collections and using digital Research Infrastructures (RIs). It will show examples of how DH and eHeritage approaches in cooperation with relevant RIs can lead to innovative research questions and methods.

The target audiences of this module are Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage (CH) researchers and practitioners who wish to learn how to best benefit from and work with digital collections using digital RIs. The module is also suitable for computer scientists and researchers/practitioners in data centres who want to gain insight into more humanities & cultural heritage related aspects of digital research infrastructures.

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