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Diamond Publication and Open Science at ULiège

This presentation will trace the evolution of Open Science at the University of Liège in the early 2000s, focusing on Open Access and the implementation of a Diamant Open Access journal publishing platform (PoPuPS) and an institutional repository (ORBi). The concept has evolved over time to take into account other principles of Open Science, culminating with the publication of an Open Science roadmap for the University of Liège. This presentation will explain how our concerns fit into the European framework, and the role of the library in driving developments and progress.

This webinar was delivered in March 2024 as part of the DARIAH ‘Friday Frontiers’ webinar series

Bernard Pochet is a French-speaking Belgian. He is a psycho-pedagogue, with a postgraduate diploma in information and documentation science and a doctorate in science. He was director of an applied sciences library (agronomic sciences) for 24 years, and is now in charge of the Open Science unit at the University of Liège Library. He is also co-director of University Press of Liège at Gembloux, publication director for two international journals (Biotechnol. Agron. Agron. Soc. Environ. and Tropicultura), manager of the PoPuPS portal (Diamant Open Access journal publishing platform) and manager of e-publish (platform for open access book publishing) at the Université de Liège.

In addition to his activities in the field of university libraries and scientific publishing, he has been involved in the issue of information literacy for over 25 years. He is lecturer in scientific literature at the University of Liège, and coordinates working groups on this subject within the network of French-speaking Belgian universities. He has authored or co-authored over 60 publications in these fields.

He has carried out over 40 teaching and consultancy assignments abroad (at universities and research centres in Eastern Europe, Africa, South America and South-East Asia), and has coordinated the Documentary Resources Expert Group of the ARES (Académie de Recherche de l’Enseignement Supérieur) Development Commission.

Editing: Vicky Garnett
Subtitles: Áine Foley

Learning Outcomes

After viewing this video, learners will be able to:

  • understand the differences between Green, Gold and Diamond Open Access
  • identify practices that can be applied at individual and institutional level to achieve Diamond Open Access

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Bernard Pochet (2024). Diamond Publication and Open Science at ULiège. Version 1.0.0. Edited by Vicky Garnett. DARIAH-Campus. [Webinar recording].

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Diamond Publication and Open Science at ULiège
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