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History of Technology

History of Technology focuses on the development over time of systematic techniques for making and doing things


  • Ethical, Societal and Legal Complexities of Artificial Intelligence

    This tutorial provides interdisciplinary insight into the challenges stemming from the rapid development in and implementation of Artificial Intelligence. Learners will be equipped with a broader understanding of the philosophical issues surrounding AI as well as current real-world examples which are developing our relationship to AI and its growth.
  • You Never Build Just One Interface - You Don't Even Own It

    In this closing keynote at the DARIAH Virtual Annual Event 2021, Chris Heilmann, Principal PM for developer tools at Microsoft, covers a range of user-scenarios that he had to cover in the 25 years of building products for people on the web and what benefits it had to let go.
  • David Boder: From Wire Recordings to Website

    Understanding how digitisation of legacy data and digital technologies involved in those processes is key for a critical appraisal of digital history. This lesson examines the transformation of information from analogue to digital, using a collection of wire-recorded interviews conducted by psychologist David Boder in 1946 as a basis.