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Matej Ďurčo

Matej Ďurčo is Chief Technology Officer for DARIAH-EU. He is also head of the technical group "Digital Humanities Research & Infrastructure" at the Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage at the Austrian Academy of Sciences and one of the key figures in founding this institute. Since 2009, he has also participated actively in the Austrian research infrastructures core group and supported the build-up of the pan-European research infrastructures CLARIN and DARIAH, both on the Austrian and European levels. Besides building technical infrastructures, his main concern has been the social aspect, sharing knowledge and acting as interpreter between humanities research and the technical world ensuring mutual understanding in order to find optimal solutions for the specific needs of the researchers.


  • CLARIN Tools and Resources for Lexicographic Work

    This course will present an overview of resources available from CLARIN that may be useful for the lexicographer; we refer to  lexical datasets but also to textual resources such as corpora, as well as tools.
    • Francesca Frontini
    • Andrea Bellandi
    • Valeria Quochi
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