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Daan Broeder

Daan Broeder has a background in electrical engineering and signal analysis, and has a long career working on research infrastructure, working in different capacities at different CLARIN centres and was managing tasks in European and national projects such as for the archiving and metadata related work at MPI for Psycholinguistics TLA unit, for which he was the CTO, and broader in the CLARIN, DASISH, EUDAT and PARTHENOS projects. He was responsible convenor for ISO standards on metadata and persistent identifiers. He was one of the technical coordinators in the Dutch CLARIN and CLARIAH project and currently participates in EOSC Future and FAIRCORE4EOSC projects for CLARIN ERIC.


  • Multilingual Vocabularies for SSH Training

    This training event from the TRIPLE Project is jointly organised with the SSHOC Project and is dedicated to the creation, use and management of controlled vocabularies in the SSH. In this training session, the presenters highlight the need for multilingual SSH vocabularies and provide answers to the following questions: What are SSH Vocabularies and why are they so important; How to create a multilingual SSH Vocabulary (The TRIPLE case); How to build an interoperable infrastructure for vocabularies (The SSHOC case).
    • Daan Broeder
    • Nikos Vasilogamvrakis
    • Iraklis Katsaloulis
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