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Make It Happen - Carrying Out Research and Analysing Data

This is a record of a webinar dedicated to the phases of the research lifecycle “Carry out Research” & “Analyse Data” in the context of a research infrastructure. Carrying out research and analysis in the context of a research infrastructure requires a change in approach to research, where the harmonization of data and the ability to access and deploy interoperable services is crucial. This webinar gives an overview of the necessary elements required to set up a sustainable research infrastructure with regards to the management of data and services.

It clarifies the technical and epistemical challenges faced in attempting to establish a successful and sustainable research infrastructure. In so doing, it outlines aspects of data sharing through research infrastructures, such as processing and contributing data, using and applying ontologies, questions of interoperability, relevant tools and Virtual Research Environments (VREs). This webinar cross-links to materials developed within PARTHENOS and by the PARTHENOS Cluster Partners and will, by way of example, refers to efforts undertaken to establish different VREs for the PARTHENOS project.

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Ulrike Wuttke, George Bruseker and Carlo Meghini (2018). Make It Happen - Carrying Out Research and Analysing Data. Version 1.0.0. PARTHENOS Training Suite. [Training module].

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Make It Happen - Carrying Out Research and Analysing Data
Ulrike Wuttke, George Bruseker, Carlo Meghini
Social Sciences and Humanities
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Training module
CCBY 4.0
Research infrastructures, eHeritage, Data management