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Copyright and Academia in the Digital Era

This webinar is part of the TRIPLE Open Science Training Series.

In this webinar, Professor Sganga presents the foundations of copyright, how it works, what are the rights conferred to authors and how long they last. She also demonstrates how to transfer your rights if you are creating or how to keep your content fully open.

Prof. Sganga first shows the changes that came about with the digital revolution and how works which were the object of copyright now have new characteristics, and come with new risks. The basic sources and foundations of copyrights in the material and digital environment are then explained and analysed in a comparative manner showing the different layers of regulation in the international, European and Italian scene. Finally, the session includes a focus on the exploitation of academic works and how to distribute and commercialise your work, and with which tools.

You can download the slides here:

Learning outcomes: 

After watching this video you should:

  • understand what changed in the digital era regarding copyright
  • have an overview of international and European legislation
  • understand the principles of ownership and economic exploitation of academic works

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Caterina Sganga (2022). Copyright and Academia in the Digital Era. Version 1.0.0. Edited by Francesca Di Donato and Lottie Provost. TRIPLE. [Webinar recording].

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Copyright and Academia in the Digital Era
Caterina Sganga
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