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Queens of Humanities

How do we tell the story of humanities as the essence of understanding humankind in all its aspects and bring it back to the table as an equal partner of science? Seeking an answer to this question, this webinar presents the scope and dissemination of the Queens of Humanities campaign run last year by OPERAS-PL. Its purpose was to promote innovative humanistic approaches and show their relevance in today’s world.

“Born digital” monographs, data visualisations, web applications, podcasts or vlogs were presented as innovative outputs aimed at telling the story of humanities as an indispensable and ubiquitous means of expanding human knowledge about the world. The posts were also an occasion to bring up important problems of humanities research, such as the underestimation of innovative publications that do not fit with the strict academic criteria.

The “Queens of Humanities” project is a simple, yet inspiring advocacy project which can be implemented among different audiences and through various social channels. It also reflects on Facebook, which, despite increasing competition in the area of social media, offers unsophisticated, yet sufficient solutions for storytelling targeted at specific local audiences.

Projects and links referenced in this webinar include:

Learning Outcomes

After viewing this webinar, learner will be able to:

  • understand the challenges in measuring impact in the Humanities
  • see how other projects have advocated for humanities projects
  • recognise how to put measurements for impact in place in their project design

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